What we do...

Welcome to Andrew Theyken Bench Legal.  If you are here, it is probably because something has gone wrong in your life---either you have been harmed or someone is claiming that you have harmed them.

We don't make baseless promises about what will happen next, instead, we are here to make sure that whatever does happen is the best outcome that is reasonably possible for you.

We are not out to make a buck off of your problems.  We practice law because we believe in the sanctity of the law, the moral purposes that the law serves, and your right to tell your story in a courtroom.  Because of this, we take only a very limited number of cases each year and rigorously screen our clients to make sure that they are the type of people who match well with our philosophy.  If you are selected as a client, your fees will be based on your income and will be significantly lower if you do not make that much money.

What can you expect from us if we choose to represent your case?  Simply the finest legal representation available anywhere.  Attorney Bench went to the top universities in the world; he graduated at the very top of his class; he clerked with the finest judges in the Commonwealth; and he has practiced at the largest and best law firms in the Lehigh Valley.  If Attorney Bench takes your case, you and he will work as a team to get the best possible outcome that is reasonably possible.