Low Cost, Flat Fee Appeals to the Superior Court


If you have reached this page, you likely feel as though you were wrongly convicted of a crime and wish to appeal the conviction to a higher court.  You probably feel like a mistake was made and you need someone to correct the problems made during your trial.

This is Almost Certainly your last chance to get out of jail---Andrew worked on the Superior Court and knows the system

An appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court is a last ditch effort to stay out of jail.  If your appeals fails in front of the Superior Court, your only option is to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and chances are they are going to ignore your request.

you have to make your appeal to the superior court

Few lawyers, including public defenders, have the type of in-depth academic training and careful writing skills needed to pull off an argument in front of an appellate court.  Attorney Bench is different.  He is the lawyer other lawyers call when they are trying to get a case through the appellate courts.  His academic credentials include an LL.M. from Trinity College, Dublin where he was valedictorian of his class and doctoral work at the University of Cambridge.  In addition, Andrew served as a law clerk on the Pennsylvania Superior Court and wrote dozens of appellate opinions in both criminal and civil law.  He knows how appellate courts operate, what appellate judges are looking for, and how to craft careful arguments in plain English.

Andrew worked on the Superior Court and knows the system---No other appeals attorney in the lehigh valley has that experince