Should I get a Public Defender?

This is a question that private criminal attorneys get all the time:  why should I pay for a defense attorney if the government is going to provide one to me free of charge?

Many private attorneys who are looking for business will insinuate that public defenders, who are usually fresh out of law school, are not up to snuff.  That's simply not true.  The attorneys who work as public defenders are a godsend to our Courts and work tirelessly for little pay or attention to benefit our Commonwealth.

Having said that, public defenders are overworked---massively overworked.  Effectively presenting a criminal case to a judge and jury and negotiating with the District Attorney takes substantial time and effort.  There is a good chance that your public defender will be juggling dozens of other cases along with yours, and despite the best of intentions, details and strategies will get dropped.

The benefit of a private criminal attorney, like Attorney Bench, is that he has the time, resources, and experience, to present your story in an extremely compelling way.  You need the his help to tell that story.  Contact us now to set up a free consultation to discuss your options.

Finally, you should know that not everyone gets a public defender.  Certain classes of criminal cases do not qualify, for instance speeding tickets.  And, if you have financial assetts, you must pay for a private attorney out of your own pocket.

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