I Have a Protection from Abuse (PFA) Hearing, What do I Do?

Having to deal with a Protection from Abuse Petition PFA is not a pleasant experience.  At the very least, it means that you are in a real argument with someone that you love and at worse it may mean that you or your child are the victim of physical abuse.

If you are asking the Court to grant an Order preventing someone from contacting you, then you are the "petitioner."  If you are the person who will be subject to the Order and will have to stay away, then you are the "respondent."  Whether you are a petitioner or the respondent you need representation before talking to a judge about what happened to you.

You are going into a formal legal proceeding where you need to think and testify clearly about someone you love who just harmed you.  You are liable to be angrier and more emotional than you've ever been in your life.  You need an experienced attorney to get you through this process, and that is why you should contact Attorney Bench right now.

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