Attorney Bench charges $250 per hour.*  However, you may qualify for a reduced rate on a sliding scale if your income meets certain thresholds.  To qualify for a reduced fee you must provide proof of income via a tax-return, other government-certified document, or an affidavit.

Certain services may be undertaken for a flat or contingency fee on a case-by-case basis.  Note that ethics rules do not permit attorneys to undertake criminal cases on a contingency basis.

*For certain specalized civil litigation, fees may be as high as $400 per hour.

Fee per Hour





Qualify for Public Legal Aid

% Federal Poverty Line

+ 400%




below 100%

Pro bono services

Some cases---typically appellate in nature---present unique legal issues that are of Commonwealth-wide importantance or are of important constitutional dimension.  Such cases are exceedingly rare.  However, if you believe that your case meets this requirement and you are below 400% of the Federal poverty guideline, please contact our office and we may consider taking your case on a pro bono basis or reduced-cost basis.