I have been charged with a crime in Lehighton, what should I do?

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Being charged with a crime in Lehighton (or anywhere in Carbon County) is not a pleasant experience.  Even for those who have been wrongly accused, the threat of going to jail or paying enormous fines to the government is likely to cause dread.  If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Lehighton, what is your best course of action?

The simple answer is (1) don't talk to the police or the Carbon County District Attorney under any condition whatsoever, and (2) contact an attorney to help you as soon as possible.  It is absolutely guaranteed that if you do not follow the advice given above that your outcome---no matter how innocent or smart you are---will be bad for you.

The Lehighton police and the Carbon County District Attorney know the system and know all the ways to trip you up.  If you talk to them or try to go it alone without a lawyer, you should know that the deck is rigged in their favor.  You need help and you should call us right now: (484)-601-2277.

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